Beyond Healing
Haridraa Ayurveda is relentless endeavor towards helping each of its patients attain a disease free life that will be physically, emotionally and spiritually satisfying. This is achieved by providing a holistic health care service comprising the combined effectiveness of Ayurveda with several traditional techniques including Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation etc

We, at Haridraa Ayurveda, strongly believe that while Ayurveda has a long tradition and history, only rational application and sincere administration will enable the successful treatment and cure of almost all the major health problems
facing modern world. Having understood this reality, Haridraa Ayurveda provides a comprehensive facility for earnest Ayurvedic health care.
Treatments Available
Abhyangam(General Body Massage)
Swedanam(Steam Bath)
Pizhichil(Rejuvenation Therapy)
Udwarthanam(Fat Reduction)
Potala Swedanam(Kizhi)
Patra Potala Swedanam
Njavara Kizhi